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How to Handle Washing Machine Disposal Responsibly

Unable to understand where to begin while disposing of your old Washing Machine Waste? Skip Hire Nottingham is ready 24/7 to help you and remove your stress. This should not be an unnerving job when you have to dispose of your old washing machine. A lot of options are there to help you out of recycling washing machines. Our handy guide will help you more with what to do with your old washing machine.

Washing machines need special treatment when it comes to disposing of them as they are categorized as hazardous waste. You need to dispose of your unwanted washing machine responsibly, whether it is outdated, broken, or fancy something new in your washing machine. Whatever the reason for your washing machine change, below are some options for you to dispose of your old washing machine.

How to Handle Washing Machine Disposal Responsibly

Handling Broken Washing Machine

Unfortunately, a broken washing machine can’t be just disposed of in our skips. They are classed as hazardous waste; they need specialist ways to dispose of in an environmentally-friendly way apart from their heavy attributes. However, washing machines need more attention than general waste, and Skip Hire Nottingham ensures simple and nice disposal, which is both cost-effective and responsible for you.

Recycling Center

The simplest way to eliminate your old washing machine is by sending these machines to recycling centers. Just make sure before sending they are accepting washing machines or not. Recycle Now is a great source to visit because their Recycling Locator can assist you in finding your compliant and nearest center.

Council Collection

When you want to dispose of your old unwanted washing machine, your local council can assist you and save you time if you are a resident in the area. Most of the local councils offer a collection and disposal service; you just are required to ensure whether they will accept the waste.

This is an affordable and reliable choice for you, but you will have to wait for a long time for your turn to reach for waste collection. Think of your current situation, if you can wait for long this will be a good option but if you need an urgent washing machine waste collection, then you have to think about another choice.

Man & Van Waste Collection

Skip Hire Nottingham can help you in the disposal of old washing machine waste; we just need assurance that it does not have any risk for our waste clearance crew. Our Man & Van Rubbish collection can do the trick to remove your washing machine waste as it can’t be thrown into our skips.


You are considering your washing machine to dispose of as it is broken, or you are thinking of replacing it, but it might still have some life in her old legs or just need some TLC. So before finalizing the idea of throwing it out, hold your horses. You can get your machine repaired or contact your retailer from whom you bought it, or you can simply ask any other person who can help you in machine repairing.

Buying A New Washing Machine

You can consider some responsible options when you want to get rid of your old unwanted washing machine to ensure your old machine is not being disposed of too early.

Council Reuse

Your council might offer you another option for reusing the old washing machine like the collection option for broken old washing machines or washing machine waste. This is a type of donation, as your local council will reach and collect it for someone else in need to use. There are multiple pros and cons for this disposal method, as you will have to wait for a long time to be collected, but it is a responsible way to stay assured that your washing machine is utilising its whole lifespan.


Donation is another responsible way to consider if your old unwanted machine has some life left in its old legs. You can reach a charity shop, or simply you can donate it to one of your friends or family members. If your old washing machine is in complete working order, charities like RedCross will accept it to be used by somebody else and prevent it from ending in waste.


You may talk to the retailer or someone else who stocks washing machines to take back your old washing machine from your hands. Some retailers now offer some discount offers on buying a new model washing machine as a result of giving back your old washing machine to them.

To End Up

Think about what you can do to utilise your old washing machine in its full life span, as your old machine might not be trash just yet. Considering your washing machine as trash might be the last option, but if you find it trash, be responsible and do it legally and consider our elimination options.

You can consider our Man and Van Rubbish Removal collection as a reliable way to dispose of your old unwanted washing machine. Just click on the given button below to hire a Skip Hire or Man with a Van Service.

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