We provide the most trustable and affordable RORO skip hire services in Nottingham. We have a variety of sizes, other than RORO skip; you can hire any one of them to make the tedious task of waste removal easy. If reliability and affordability is your priority, then Skip Hire Nottingham is the best option. We are popular among industrial, commercial, and domestic customers in the whole country. 

We provide customer assistance, so you can easily choose your required size following your budget and needs. Roll on Roll off skips, also referred to as RORO skip- it is the biggest size available in the Country and our company provides all the popular and in-demand RORO skip sizes.

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RORO skips are the best suitable option when it comes to dealing with large construction waste. These skips are ideal for huge waste management, thus eliminating multiple skip carriage, which may require in the case of the builder skip or other small sizes. They are the best and most affordable option for saving money, due to their large size, not many collections are required, hence reducing the service cost. As they can carry all the waste in one go, they leave less carbon footprint, making them the best-suited option for an eco-friendly environment. 

We offer RORO skip hire at the lowest prices as compared to our rival companies. We offer excellent and superior RORO skip hire services throughout Nottingham at the lowest prices. You can compare our services and offered price with any other Nottingham RORO skip hire service provider; still, you’ll find our company the best fit.


Skip Hire Nottingham amazingly offer a £20 discount on all skip sizes including RORO skip sizes. If you order any of our skip sizes now you will be instantly benefited to save £20. Hurry up! Book your required RORO skip or any other skip size and avail this incredible offer. Our skip hire service and prices are second to none.


RORO skips are ideal for managing the last construction site waste or huge quantity of industrial waste. RORO skip hires Nottingham comes in 4 sizes (20, 25, 30, and 40-yard RORO skip). Due to their size, they must be ordered in the placements where there is enough capacity so that the skip delivery can be made easily and conveniently. Due to their size and type, they are majorly used for storing and disposing of harmful and hazardous waste. 

They require a skip permit to place them on private land or the road-side and are generally hired for 14 days. The timing can vary according to the customer’s needs and requirements. You can get assistance from our customer representative, and they’ll guide you best, which skip size and type to use. RORO skip hire is certainly the biggest skip size available in the country, and our company offers all RORO skip sizes. You can not place it in the public stream area without a permit.

skip hire nottingham


It is the smallest size of RORO skip available at the Skip Hire Nottingham. For a huge amount of industrial waste and construction waste dealing, 20-yard RORO skip size is the best option. 20-yard skip has dimensions of 20 feet in Length, 8 feet in Width, and 4 feet in Height. Some particular harmful items are prohibited to put into the 20-yard RORO Skip. 

They can carry 200 to 230 black bags of waste inside them, making them a popular choice for commercial and industrial use. For exact and accurate pricing, you can get a no-obligation quote from our website; there you’ll let you know about the exact price depending upon time and an area for which you require skip.


It is the second type of RORO skips available in Skip hire Nottingham and is exceptional for dealing with a tremendous amount of waste. They come in dimensions: 6.10-meter length x 2.44 meter wide X 1.52 meter Height. They come with a door at one end to allow walk-ins inside them. 

These skips can usually carry 270 to 280 black bags of garbage. They can take in bricks, soil, and concrete in a large amount. You can hire the best 25-yard RORO skip, with guaranteed customer satisfaction through Skip Hire Nottingham.

skip hire nottingham
skip hire nottingham


A 30-yard skip is the third-largest skip size available in the country and skip hire Nottingham to offer this size for their customer’s needs. Their larger size made them inappropriate for the residential area due to difficulty in placing them. They are perfect for extra large industrial products. Woods, metals, organic and industrial waste can be placed inside them. 

They have dimensions of 6.10 meters in length x 2.44 meter in width x 1.98 meters in height. They have a huge capacity of holding 300 to 350 black bin bags of trash. For final pricing, you can call our customer service representative or use our website to calculate the exact price.


It is the largest size skip available nationwide. A 40-yard RORO skip is extremely large, and it is always used for commercial projects. They are large enough to hold almost all the commercial waste during huge industrial projects. They have dimensions of 6.07 meters in length x 2.44 meter in width x 1.98 meters in height. 

They can dump 440-450 black bags of waste and rubbish in a single go. Asbestos, tires, and paints are prohibited inside them. They require the permit to place them on public land, elsewhere incase of their placing on the owner’s commercial land; there’s no requirement of any permit.

skip hire nottingham


Some of benefits of RORO Skips are given below;


Roro skip is the best way of reducing your skip hiring cost, as all the waste can be dumped off at one time. No need to hire multiple skips, or multiple waste collection which may arise in case of smaller skip sizes. Their size is specially designed in a way that they can accommodate maximum waste inside them, without the need for multiple waste carriage. Thus, reducing the skip hire cost, and providing the larger size waste management solution at a low and reasonable price.


RORO skips are the most popular and in-demand solution for large size industrial and commercial waste management. A tremendous amount of waste is thrown out from larger industries, which require huge efforts and resources to dump off. Skip Hire Nottingham provides an efficient and reliable solution to all these problems. You just have to hire our services, and we’ll be responsible for removing all industrial waste from your area.


Book your quote and find the incredible level of services offered by Skip Hire Nottingham. Our energetic and dedicated customer support team is always ready to assist you in hiring the required maxi skip hire sizes. Let your waste material management for professionals, like Skip Hire Nottingham.  


A large amount of waste is produced during the construction of huge buildings and sites. Huge bricks and concrete waste can be easily disposed of, using RORO skips. They have enough capacity to deal with all construction waste. Even our customer care representative will assist you in selecting the appropriate RORO skip hire size according to your construction waste size.


Due to their larger size, fewer collections are required, and all the waste can be put inside them easily without the need for reloading and refilling. Even RORO skips have a door inside them, and they can be unloaded easily without requiring any special equipment, which is required in case of other smaller skips.


RORO skips are useful for the majority for commercial waste management, but these skips can also be used for carrying larger domestic household waste. Large furniture items or heavy waste materials can be disposed of using them.


Due to their larger size, you can put all waste inside them in one go, and lesser collections are required. All these factors will contribute to a good and eco-friendly environment.