Skip Hire Nottingham is here to oust all your home debris. Here we have our mini skips which are used for all your services in the deletion of households. The mini skip is the smallest sized skips in our huge collection of skips hire. If you have a small-sized heap, you can hire a mini skip. Our mini skips are quite useful for small household waste garden clearance and such types of small-sized projects.

skip hire nottingham


If you are searching for the cheapest mini skip for clearing your garden piled with leaves in autumn? Want to get rid of your kitchen refurbishment waste or yearning for a compact backup skip in a house renovation? then you are in the right place because we offer you to compare and get a discount of £20. 

Just click your desired size of mini skip for guidelines and you can book your required skip now. Our team works hard to provide you the best possible services and make you feel refreshed. These skips are easily removable from one place to another and are fitted in any corner of the house. More than that, they are as reliable as a huge skip according to its capacity to wait for the load.


Skip Hire Nottingham offers unmatched output in fewer fares with all customer satisfaction. However, there are different factors which involve the determination of a skip price. Like, skip size, time duration, and skip permit, and customer location. The price of skip will obviously be according to your choice of skip size. Time duration matters a lot in the price calculation. Normally, you can hire a skip for approximately 14 days. However, if you will increase your subscribed days, your charges will also increase. 

Hence this does not mean we won’t hire a skip for a less time duration. You can hire your desired skip even for a single day or for a single task. Skip permit is another important factor in evaluating a skip price which is not a problem of mini skips, however. If you want to know about skip permits then visit our section FAQ’s page. Likewise location of your area mostly matters in mini skips, nonetheless prices may vary if a customer’s location is near or far from the company office.


Mini skips are the best choice for small scale home cleaning activities. These skips are economical as well as low rated because of their size and use. Hurry up and go for booking of this low cost and easily carrying mini skip. 


Skip Hire Nottingham is going to provide you its quality mini skips in two different size types as per your needs and budget. There are two types of Mini Skips are available; 2 Yard Skip and 3 Yard Skip. Subsequently, if you are worried about your garden waste; don’t hesitate to hire our energetic team for a mini skip of your choice. Even you are bothering about your kitchen renovation filth and household junk, come to us straight and forget all your worries. We are here to take your entire headache at affordable cheap rates.

skip hire nottingham


A 2-yard Mini Skip is the smallest in mini skips’ categories. A 2-yard mini skip has the capacity of holding approximately 20-30 black bin bags. The dimensions for a 2-yard mini skip are Length = 5ft (1.52m) , Width = 4ft (1.22m) , Height = 3ft (0.91m). The average price of 2 Yard Mini Skip is £126 – £271.


Another excitingly cheap-rate minis skip in our mini skip sizes, is a 3-yard mini skip. This skip is one yard bigger than a 2-yard mini skip. You are going to love this skip because of its house and commercial purposes. 3-yard mini skip has the capacity of holding approximately 30-40 black bin bags. The dimensions of 3 Yard Mini Skip are Length = 6ft (1.80m), Width = (1.22m), Height = (0.91). The average price of 3 yard mini skip is £158 – £271.

skip hire nottingham


Mini skips are beneficial for plenty of domestic and commercial jobs. Whether it is a work of house clearance, garden pick-ups, home renovation, or refit this mini skip will serve you well throughout the procedure. These skips are favorable for as a back up in commercial projects. Due to their small size and convenience, mini skips have become an ideal choice for domestic as well as commercial purposes or people in the United Kingdom. For a better understanding of our clients, we have given a list of the best possible benefits these skips can offer


These skips prove to be beneficial when you want to get rid of your waste, such as grass, dead leaves in the autumn season, tree branches, fence, or soil. Skip Hire collects all your garden waste and moves it to recycling sites.


You have to face a huge filthy mess of waste whenever you start renovation activities. Here mini skips are the best solution for your waste removing projects. You don’t need to be worried about all your mess; just make a call or book a skip and we are here to provide you the best mini skip backup from picking to recycling.


The very compact size of a mini skip serves you well in the sanitation of your house or garage. After placing it in your garage or house, you can easily load all your waste. People in the UK also hire these skips on a quarterly or yearly basis for the removal of their unwanted clothes, equipment, and home appliances.


Often schools, offices, or clubs arrange big events for business or other purposes. Such places of event arrangements are leftover with heaps of waste. You can hire a mini skip for such cleanup projects and get rid of waste and worries.


Mini skips are the cheapest and paradoxically the best choice for household affairs. These are surely going to be easy on your pocketbook. You can save your money by hiring a mini skip for any type of small projects and renovation sites.


In the beginning, these mini skips were made just for household activities. However, over time, these were used by the builders as a backup skip at building sites. The use of these skips has been increased in commercial sites.


As plasterboards cannot be mixed with waste materials, so mini skips are used for the dumping of plasterboards.


Sometimes people have to move from area to area because of the change in their job purposes. They hire our mini skips to shift their house furniture and other luggage. You will find our skips dramatically useful for any type of house or office shifting or furniture replacing.


Since mini skips are smaller in size they crave a smaller area than any other skip size. You can easily place them in the zone of your house without much labor. These skips can be shifted easily in a restricted area and you can save your money for a council permit in case of restrictions. Mini skips are the perfect choice for you if you are facing low budget hassle or area restrictions.


It is our national duty to be aware of the importance of keeping our environment safe from waste. Hence our environment will be safe if we take every day small steps of recycling and disposing of garbage. All this can be done if you hire not necessarily a big but a mini skip for this. 

You can hire our services and we will make sure to dispose of your waste in an environment-friendly manner. Skip Hire Nottingham collects all the filth and brings it to recycling sites, where it is discarded without causing any harm to the environment.