Skip Hire Nottingham


The mini skip hire is the smallest sized skips in our huge collection of skips hire. Clearing your garden piled with leaves in autumn? Want to get rid of your kitchen refurbishment waste or yearning for a compact backup skip in a house renovation. Don’t worry; Skip Hire Nottingham is here to oust all your home debris. Here we have our mini skips which are used for all your services in the deletion of households. 

If you have a small-sized heap, you can hire a mini skip. Our mini skips are quite useful for small household waste garden clearance and such types of small-sized projects. These skips are easily removable from one place to another and are fitted in any corner of the house. More than that, they are as reliable as a huge skip according to its capacity to wait for the load. 



We provide different as well as flexible size types in our collection to meet our customers’ needs. Our Skip Hire Nottingham is supplying you its midi skips in two different sizes for your budget meet up. Midi skips at Skip Hire Nottingham include a 4-yard skip and a 5-yard skip.


4 Yard Midi Skip

A 4-yard midi skip is the smallest in midi skip sizes. These midi skips can hold up approximately 40-60 black bin bags. Dimensions for a 4-yard midi skip are mentioned below

4-yard skip

  • Length = 7ft (2.13m)
  • Width = 5ft (1.52m)
  • Height = 4ft (0.91)

5 Yard Midi Skip

Another exciting and economical skip in our midi skips collection is a 5-yard skip. Dimensions for this skip are as below

5-yard skip

  • Length = 8ft (2.55m)
  • Width = 4ft (1.78m)
  • Height = 3’2”ft (1m)

These skips can hold up approximately 60-70 black bin bags with no harm and tension.


Skip Hire Nottingham is the best hiring company in the UK, providing its dedicated services for years. Whenever you need a midi skip you can contact our company out dedicated team members will assist you throughout the process. Our team experts guide you about the selection, placement, and everything of the whole procedure. Our skip collection is versatile as we have multi-sized skips. You can easily select your required skip size without any difficulty. Make a booking or call us and you will find you hired at your doorstep, as we have an energetic team who always makes all deliveries and collections on time, with the most flexible hire durations. 

Our skip prices for all skip sizes are low and affordable in comparison to any other hiring company. As proof of our claim, we allow our customers to compare the prices and get a £20 discount on all skip sizes. Skip Hire Nottingham provides the best, cheapest and reliable skips to its customers with all its devotion and dedication. We provide an unparalleled output at fewer prices. Above all, we consider ourselves responsible for what we do.This is what we provide, and we provide the best.


As you know, Skip Hire Nottingham provides an unmatched output at the lowest rates you should not hesitate in making a decision. However, there are some essential factors which increase or decrease your fares. Like, skip hiring duration, size, skip permit, and customer’s location. The size of a skip determines your skip price, like if you hire a 6-yard skip, then its charges will be higher than a 4-yard skip. The time duration for a skip for the sake of use also matters a lot in the price calculation. Usually, you can keep a skip for 14 days consecutively after discussing your charges of selected days. But if you hire a skip for more periods, then your bills will increase too.

Also, this does not mean we won’t hire a skip for fewer days. We can also provide a skip for one day too. The skip permit is another important factor, in a skip’s price evaluation that is not a matter of problem for midi skips. These midi skips can be placed in a driveway, yard, or gardens. Likewise, the area of our customers also adds in skip’s price increase or fall. If you live in faraway areas to our office then the price will be enhanced. 

Midi Skip Hire Nottingham Discount Offer

Get an instant discount on skip hire Nottingham. We are providing our valued customers with a £20 instant discount to provide them with a budget relief with exceptional skip services. The prices we offer on skip services are also very reasonable compared to other skip hire providing companies. We go above customers’ expectations to provide them with extraordinary relief, offering discounts on affordable midi skips.



The first and foremost benefit of a midi skip we want to highlight. Is that, it is the most economical and money-saving. Midi skips are economical in the sense; they don’t cost you much as in the case of maxi skips. As these midi skips can be placed in any confined area like in a garage, garden, or a small corner, so a midi skip can save your money sometimes which you have to spend in case of a midi skip. Maxi skips are frequently needed to be placed on public highways which cost much in getting council permits. We guarantee you that these midi skips are not going to become a burden on your pocketbook. Also, you can take extra advantages from these in fewer expenses. Midi skips are equally beneficial for household and commercial projects.

Household & Commercial Projects

Whenever we get a skip, we want to get more output in less input. Our midi skip is going to be a wise selection for both household and commercial projects. After every six months with the change of season, we do a thorough cleaning procedure to keep our homes clean. During all this procedure we are always stuck up with a heap of garbage and unwanted stuff. For all that heap of garbage to dispose of, our midi skips are suitable and you can easily get them in no time.
In fall season you can fill up these midi skips with leaves and all the unwanted dead branches to safely take them to recycling places. Moreover, in commercial projects like building renovations, small building constructions, and demolition projects you can confidently hire these midi skips. These medium-sized skips can help you a lot in commercial projects because of their capacity of carrying waste and the reliability to hold their weight.


It is our first and foremost duty to keep our environment clean and safe from all types of filth and waste. If we don’t care about our surroundings our lives will be more miserable than before. Hence our surroundings will be safe if we take every-day small steps of disposing and recycling garbage every day.Midi skips are eco-friendly and help their users to make the environment neat and clean. Once these midi skips are filled, these are easily removable to take them for safe recycling places. In these recycling places, all of your garbage is recycled following all the rules and regulations of environmental law authorities. What you only need to do is to hire our services and we will make sure to dispose of all your waste in an eco-friendly manner.

Saves your time

Let’s talk about it. Whenever you shift your office or house from one place to another, there are many things you find unwanted and extra. For all that mess up you can hire our midi skips to dispose of these extra things. Furthermore, our team is here to load all the waste for transporting it to recycling places, consoling all your future worries. What you have to do is to only contact us and leave everything on us. We will come with our midis and our expert team members who will not only deliver the skip but also gather and load your whole waste and take it to recycling places. Hiring a skip will save your time, effort, and money as well as keeps you away from that entire struggle. Midi skips are also beneficial in furniture shifting procedures. You can easily load your furniture in a midi skip which will save you time and effort.

Makes building sites safer

When we talk about safety, it matters a lot for all of us. For instance, you want to dispose of the waste you end up with after building construction. It does not matter whether the building is of a house or office, what matters most is, while you are constructing it you are safer in it. During all this construction period you end up with a variety of waste, such as pieces of leftover glass, metal, wood cement. These types of waste can hurt you severely if that waste is left lying around. A midi skip hire ensures the safety of a building site throughout the process.

Craves small zone

Just like the mini skips, midi skips also crave small zones due to their medium size. Customers can easily place these skips in any area of their houses. Also, require minus labour in their placement. Customers living in the confined area can also hire these midi skips for their house renovation projects due to their compatibility and medium size.