Are you hunting for a professional, cost-effective, and reliable skip hire service provider in Nottingham? Then you are in the right place as Skip Hire Nottingham is the leading skip hire service provider in Nottingham as well as all over the UK. Our customer support team is available 24/7 for the assistance and guidance in hiring the required skip hire size to valued customers. 

We are providing all Maxi skip sizes at affordable prices and guide our customers about the prohibited items which cannot be put into the skip. Our skip hire services are incredible as we are a genuine skip hire service provider in your town.

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Do you require a cheap and matchless skip hire service near you? Are you in a great need to dispose of your huge amount of waste material? Skip Hire Nottingham is the best solution provider to your waste material management. As we know that skip is the most popular source of the disposal of waste material on a large scale in the whole UK. We offer all skip sizes for the Maxi Skip sizes category.  

The Maxi Skip has 5 different enormous sizes including; 10-yard, 12-yard, 14-yard, 16-yard, and the largest skip size in Maxi sizes is the 18-yard. These skips are used by domestic, industrial, and commercial users. This skip hire category would be the first choice to dispose of DIY projects waste materials as well. Also used for refurbishment, renovations, and large scale construction projects. 

Did you compare the prices of Maxi Skip sizes of other companies with us? We offer all skip sizes at competitive prices available at Skip Hire Nottingham. We can proudly say that our prices are matchless in the market. If you compare the prices offered by us with other competitors, you will find a clear difference in the prices. Our top priority is to provide Maxi Skips as well as all skip sizes at cost-effective rates.


Have you hired a skip from Skip Hire Nottingham? As we offer a £20 discount on all skip sizes including Maxi Skip sizes avail the opportunity to save £20. Our prices for skip sizes except the discount are also very competitive and affordable. We challenge that no other skip hire service provider company offer discount and low rates for skips with incredible prices.


Skip Hire Nottingham offers a wide range of Maxi skips sizes at very low prices as compared to the market rates. The Maxi skip sizes are the first choice of domestic, commercial, and industrial customers due to the enormous sizes. These skips can accommodate tonnes of garbage material very easily. All prohibited waste materials include; asbestos, freezers, electronic appliances, paints, acids, plasterboards, etc are not allowed to throw into the maxi skip sizes. Ikhtiaar

A maxi skip size is designed for the collection of a huge amount of waste materials. You can hire the Maxi skip size for 14 days which is the normal duration of hiring a skip. All the details of the maxi skips including, dimensions, waste carrier capacity, and average prices for these sizes are mentioned below in detail. A permit may require if you don’t have enough space to place within your premises. We will get a permit on your behalf if you need to place the skip on private land or in the street and roadside.

skip hire nottingham


The 10-yard maxi skip is the smallest size of the Maxi skips category. This size of skip can hold up to 110 black waste material bags easily. The dimensions for this size of skip are 5’7″ feet wide (1.75m) x 10 feet long (3.5m) x 4’9″ feet high (1.5m). An average price for a 10-yard Maxi skip is from £258 to £363. 

Skip prices are low as compared to the market. These prices can fluctuate on booking. We also offer a £20 discount on all skip sizes including Maxi skips. The average hiring duration is from 7 to 14 days but you can keep it as much time as you require. But if the hiring period exceeds the promised date, you will have to pay for extra days of keeping the skip.


The second Maxi skip size which has the capacity of containing 120-130 black bin bags easily.  The industrial waste as well as commercial and domestic waste can be cleared through this skip size. The dimensions of the 12-yard skip offered by Skip Hire Nottingham are 10 feet long (3.7m) x 5’7″ feet wide (1.75m) x 4’9″ feet high (1.68m). 

The average price offered by Skip Hire Nottingham for a 12-yard skip is from £277 to £367. The 12-cubic skip is available at affordable prices with high-quality services. The average price mentioned above can fluctuate on booking the skip. We also offer discounts on all skip sizes including 12-cubic yard skip.

skip hire nottingham


Another large skip size in the Maxi skip category and it has the capacity of accommodating up to 150 black trash material bags. The 14-cubic skip size dimensions are 13’4″ feet long (4.1m) x 5’7″ feet wide (1.75m) x 5’9″ feet high (1.8m). It is an enormous size skip specially designed for the removal of tonnes of unwanted waste material. The average price ranges from £303 – £450 for a 14-yard skip.

For instance, it is used for the removal of trash of refurbishment, construction, DIY projects, and many other projects of commercial and domestic users. The industrial users also used to hire this skip size for the disposing of waste. A permit is also required to place this skip size on the roadside or any other public place. 


The 16-cubic yard skip is the second last enormous skip size in the Maxi skip category. It can handle the tonnes of waste material in it. Nearly 180 black bin bags can be put into the 16-cubic yard skip. Its dimensions are 14’1″ feet long (4.3m) x 5’7″ feet wide (1.75m) x 6’5″ feet high (2m). This skip size can occupy huge space. If you don’t have enough space to place it inside your premises then you need to request a permit from the city council authority. 

If you have heaps of waste material then you should hire this enormous skip size that can help you get rid of your unwanted trash. Its average price range is from £316 to £525. This skip cannot entertain prohibited waste material so do not put any banned item into it.

skip hire nottingham
skip hire nottingham


The 18-yard skip is the largest skip size of the Maxi skip category. It has the capacity of containing 200 black trash bags. No matter what is the size of your project this skip size can help you to dispose of unwanted waste material. If your domestic, commercial, or industrial projects produce 200 black bin bags, this giant size skip can accommodate your waste material. The dimensions for this skip are 13’4″ feet long  (4.11m)x 6’4″ feet wide (1.98m) x 6’9″ feet high (2.13m). We offer this skip size on discounted rates as the average price is from £1045.

Skip Hire Nottingham provides the services with the skip hire on-demand e.g. lights and permit. If you want to hire hassle-free skip services near you at affordable and cost-effective prices, Skip Hire Nottingham would be the best solution provider in Nottingham and all across the UK. 


Skip is the most famous way of disposing of waste material at affordable prices. If we talk about the advantages or benefits of the usage of Maxi skip, there is a long list of the benefits of its usage. Some major advantages or benefits are mentioned below.


The maxi skip sizes are always economical if you place an order of your desired size at Skip Hire Nottingham. You don’t need to do anything just place an order and get a discount as well as low prices against the incredible skip hire services. We claim to be the best skip hire service provider in the city as well as in the country at economical prices. 

On the part of our customer is to the only booking of the desired skip size and let the rest of the waste carrier and disposal problems to us. As we are the best professionals in the skip hire industry. Our Maxi skip sizes are available at low prices that will help you to save your time and money as well.


We always prefer your safety and security is our priority. So, we would never suggest you put waste material into the skip on your own as it can hurt you. It is the professional work and you need to hire professionals to complete the task without putting yourself into a dangerous situation. Maxi skip can help you to make the whole process of disposal of waste material safe. 

As the sizes of this skip category are in a wider range and can accommodate you to clear ou your waste material safely.  We are professionally trained skip hire service providers and take all hygienic precautions at the time of taking out the skip hire from your place to recycling plants.


Book your quote and find the incredible level of services offered by Skip Hire Nottingham. Our energetic and dedicated customer support team is always ready to assist you in hiring the required maxi skip hire sizes. Let your waste material management for professionals, like Skip Hire Nottingham.  


Skip is the best way to dispose of the waste material by following the environment rules and regulations. As some of the waste materials are not allowed to put into the Maxi skips which shows that these materials can harm the environment severely. The Maxi skip sizes are the best way to manage waste materials safely. As a responsible citizen of the country, you should hire a skip that can protect the environment. 

With all the environmental safety measures, the maxi skip would be the best option for hiring to meet your requirements. It is our top priority not to create any hassle for the customers on the part of the environment. These skip sizes are also very famous for the handling of extensive garden waste materials.   


The best characteristic of the maxi skip sizes is the versatility that allows us to hold tonnes of commercial projects waste materials. The industrial sites are also chosen maxi skip sizes to remove their debris/ junk in quick succession of time. As the name of this category skips shows that these skips are designed to collect heaps of garbage. 

These skips are the best source of getting rid of commercial and industrial waste material effectively. If your waste material contains soil and rubble material which is quite heavy in size then you should choose one of the maxi skip sizes. These skips entertain all bulky size waste materials but hazardous and prohibited waste materials are not allowed to be thrown into these skips.


If you have planned to renovate your home or commercial site then it would produce a heavy amount of waste material. The clearance of this kind of waste material that is produced in a renovation can hold by Maxi skip sizes efficiently. With the help of these skip sizes, you can speed up your renovations. For the various renovations, it would perfectly provide the solution to dispose of the trash material.   

Our maxi skip size is also proved to be very helpful to clear out the waste material produced in the demolition project. We are fully aware of the fact that demolition is a complicated job, it can be handled only with the help of the 14 or 16-yard skip or it depends upon the size of your waste material.